Thursday, May 10, 2012

Not that great chocolate pudding

I tried this recipe for chocolate pudding but although it looked pretty enough, it wasn't as rich and chocolatey as I would have liked. It's not something I would make again. On the plus side, it was easy and all the ingredient were things I always have on hand. The only thing I varied on was using 2% milk instead of skim.

I poured mine in ramekins and garnished with WhoNu? chocolate chip cookies. I got the crispy ones instead of the chewy and I was hoping the pudding would soften them up and make them better. I think it actually made them worse. The chewy ones are actually pretty good and they have added calcium and fiber and all kinds of vitamins. They seem like a good idea if you or your kids aren't getting all the good things you need in your diet. BTW I don't work for them or anything, LOL!

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